Buffalo is a city with a blue-collar appetite and the know-how to make comfort food really, really well. The wings are crispier, the pizza is cheesier, and the portions are bigger. This is a town where appetizers get turned into condiments to put on other dishes.
— Arthur Bovino

Food and travel writer Arthur Bovino ate his research, taking the reader to Buffalo's bars, its old-school Polish and Italian-American eateries, its Burmese restaurants, and its new-school restaurants tapping into the region’s rich agricultural bounty. With all this experience under his belt (and stretching it), Bovino has created the essential guide to food in Buffalo: "Buffalo Everything." 

A restaurant, food media, and travel writer with strong opinions about wings and pizza, Arthur is an International Culinary Center trained cook with real-world restaurant experience who cut his reporting chops at The New York Times. Arthur is the former managing editor for the online indie food site Mouth.com. He was the executive editor and a founding editor for the food, drink, recipe, and travel site The Daily Meal where he mastered the art of pinning chefs against critics with his own rating system, founded the annual list of the 101 best pizzas in America, and regularly wrote about and oversaw coverage of the country's best restaurants and chefs.


Arthur has written for Bon Appétit, Travel + Leisure, Fodor’s, Rough Guides, Time Out, Food52, and First We Feast; has had his writing syndicated on MSN, Yahoo!, CNN, USA Today, AOL, HuffPo, and FOX; appeared on New York One, WGN-TV Chicago and TODAY; been consulted by The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, the AP, and CNBC for food expertise; and judged culinary competitions in New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Texas, and Florida.

This Queens-born, Long Island- and Hong Kong-raised Manhattanite graduated from Georgetown University and currently resides in the East Village with his son Gus and his wife Angela Moore. He thinks New York’s most instagrammed pizza is basically a Buffalo-style square and doubts you can ever get great wings in less than 15 minutes.

Photograph by Ryan John Lee