Buffalo Everything: A Guide to Eating in "The Nickel City"


Buffalo, New York, has long been known as the city that invented the Buffalo wing. But wings are just its gateway snack. The Nickel City is a comfort food mecca hiding in plain sight. There isn’t another city in America that loves its own food more and gets props for it less. In the new restaurant and travel guide, “Buffalo Everything,” wing-nut, Buffalo-style pizza, and beef-on-weck aficionado Arthur Bovino investigates the history of the Queen City’s iconic foods.

Most Americans think they know good wings, but Buffalonians order theirs with the specificity and nuance that many order steak. “Buffalo Everything” presents the definitive checklist of the city’s 20 best wing spots, compiles the most extensive history of wings ever to be published, and tackles eternal wing questions like: the best techniques for eating wings, the history of wings’ accoutrements, drums vs. paddles, fresh vs. frozen, why Frank’s, how a Boston blue cheese dressing came to be paired with Western New York’s most iconic food, and which of its garnishes is the most effective capsaicin salvation.

But Buffalo isn’t just about great wings. It may be America’s most underrated pizza city, a town obsessed with its regional over-the-top style. There’s hot dog tradition, from Greek-originated “Texas red hots” to charcoal-grilling that shames Manhattan’s dirty water dogs. It’s also a sandwich city, where standard-bearers show off slicing paper-thin, medium-rare top round for beef on weck. Here, capicola tops sausage, fried bologna never disappeared, dandelions dress steak, and the best blue cheese dressing doused chicken finger sub is debated.

“With ‘Buffalo Everything,’ Bovino provides readers with a careful and studied examination of Western New York’s beloved regional foods along with a thorough overview of its contemporary chefs and offerings,” said Buffalo food writer Christa Glennie Seychew. “Over the course of my career, I’ve never come across such a well-rounded and affectionate discussion of the Queen City’s culinary scene and the predilections of its patrons.”

With its seasonal sponge candy and Tom & Jerry cocktails, Friday fish frys, and 4 a.m. last call, the 716 is a food city with checklist places for visitors and locals. And that doesn’t cover new-school restaurants tapping the region’s agricultural bounty, old-school pierogi, and red sauce joints, global flavors (Burmese, Ethiopian, Indian, and more) blossoming with Buffalo’s growing immigrant community or food day-trips in and around Western New York!

"The world knows Buffalo for its iconic chicken wings, but Arthur Bovino has dug into the city's rich and honest food scene to discover a whole world of great eats,” adds multiple James Beard Award winner Colman Andrews. “Along the way, he introduces us to the people and places that help make the city's food scene so surprisingly vibrant and varied. Is Buffalo the next food capital of the Northeast? Don't count it out until you read this appetite-tickling paean to The City of Good Neighbors.”

Whether a reader's last meal in Buffalo was in 1986 or yesterday, "Buffalo Everything" provokes an immediate hankering for the flavors that arguably make Western New York the richest region in the country when it comes to quirky food traditions. “Buy ‘Buffalo Everything’ for someone who loves Buffalo,” advises Christa Glennie Seychew. “Or buy it to make someone fall in love with Buffalo. Just make sure you're prepared to cook a batch of wings (the right way) before they crack the binding.”

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The Buffalo New York Cookbook: 70 Crowd-Pleasing Recipes from "The Nickel City"


Want to make Buffalo wings as delicious as any you’ll find in their namesake city? And what is the key to replicating excellent beef on weck at home? Food and travel writer Arthur Bovino, author of Buffalo Everything: A Guide to Eating in the “Nickel City,” wrote the definitive guidebook to Buffalo’s best food. Now, his companion kitchen guide, The Buffalo New York Cookbook delivers the how behind making these, and Buffalo’s other iconic food, at home.

Beyond homemade wing sauce, blue cheese dressing, and Buffalo-style pizza, using tips and tricks learned from Buffalo chefs, bartenders, and restaurateurs, The Buffalo New York Cookbook delves into the secret recipes behind its other food classics: chicken finger subs, fish fry, fried bologna sandwiches, pierogies, stinger tacos, sponge candy, Tom & Jerry cocktails, and more.

The Buffalo New York Cookbook goes even further than the world’s best chicken wings and other icons of America’s comfort food capital, including ways to apply its signature flavor to our favorite guilty pleasures. Learn how to Buffalo-ize chicken pot pie, nachos, deviled eggs, cauliflower wings, grilled cheese, and chicken wing soup, to name just a few. Whether you’re a wing aficionado or you just know one, hang on tight for 70 recipes from a cookbook with a bite that just won’t let go.

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